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I started my blog in early May just so that I could jot down my some of my research, record my road blocks and anything else I may find interesting to write about. The only blogs that I have read up until now, were  New South Wales Genealogy, Unlock the Past and Gould Genealogy & History Blog.  It was not until this past weekend that I discovered, GeneaBloggers and what a find that was. The blog itself hosts a range over 1100 genealogy blogs.

All that I have done since finding GeneaBloggers, is read the many different blogs that I have come across in either the Blogroll or but mostly the list under Australian blogs, as these are more relevant for me.  I have found some interesting blogs and looking forward to reading more.  I have even now downloaded onto my iPhone a RSS reader so that I can view anything that might come through during the day.

It’s a great find and I recommend any one who has a Genealogy Blog to take a look at GeneaBloggers, it’s well worth the visit as I have found some blogs that have had some good content and links to other sites, such as online databases, which I wasn’t aware of.

Here are the favourites that I have discovered today.