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Despite my 20 years of compiling my family history, with my main focus on New South Wales & UK research, I’ve decided I want to see if there is anything else I need to know, or haven’t learnt before.

Read through the following blogs:

  1. Dear MYRLES’ 2009 Finally get Organised Checklist – For 2009 she has a check list for each month –
  2. FamilySearch – Organzing Your Files –
  3. GeneaBloggers – (especially on the ’52 Weeks to better genealogy’)
  4. After going through my pile of ‘to do things’, I have now sorted it all out by surname.  I need to go through these, one by one and update my Legacy database with the information, update the source and scan the document into the PC for future reference. (And not get side-tracked into doing ‘more research’  as I do this).
  5. Even though I’ve been doing my family history for over 20 years, I wouldn’t mind having a closer look at the FamilySearch online classes in particular: