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John Shoulders or John Showler Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

I am sitting here wondering if I should get excited or just stay calm.  I’m wondering if after 20 odd years, I’ve actually found when my ancestor John Shoulders arrived in NSW. All the information that I know up today, was that he married Mary Ryan (Ryan is on the marriage certificate but actual maiden …

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This weeks research – Quirke Family

As per my post a few days ago, I’ve been checking out the new search function on Irish Family History Foundation. So far for all of the records I have viewed, I have come up trumps in my search for my Quirke Family from Kilkenny. From a transcript of the life of Thomas Quirk, which …

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This weeks Research – 17th July

The below are the online databases or websites that I have looked at today and the corresponding information I have found for my ancestors. Family History South Australia Colonial South Australian Pioneers HURST Frederick John arrived 1848-12-05 on Hooghly from London 1848-08-24 v Plymouth HURST John married DOHERTY Eliza on 1850-02-20 HARRIS George Peter, adult, …

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