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Caroline Dilworth was the eldest daughter to Joseph and Elizabeth Dilworth (nee Ditty). Caroline was born around 1843 in Sydney.

I do not know the date of Caroline’s birth or baptism but have always believed it was in 1843. I realised recently that I didn’t have Caroline’s birth date in my database. Way back in the late 1980’s when I first started researching my family history, I looked up the BDM on the microfiche which were at the library. I have copies of the baptisms for her brothers and sisters from the microfilm but for some reason I don’t have Caroline’s. I have in my database that her birth registration was listed as Elizabeth M J and the NSW Birth Registration number was 4380/142. I’ve always been a bit confused as to why she was registered as Elizabeth, when she had a sister who was born in 1845 who was named Elizabeth. In Joseph’ second, there is also another female, whose name was Lizzie but was also known throughout her life as Elizabeth.

I went to check the registration number on my NSW Pioneer Index, the NSW BDM online index as well as today I went to the library to look up the original microfiche. I can’t find where or how I came about this reference number. I am perplexed as I clearly remember seeing the name Eliza M J. I’ve even found a copy of an old spreadsheet where I recorded all of the BDM’s from the microfiche.

Surname First Name Year Vol Reference Father Mother Place
Dilworth Elizabeth M J 1843 142 4380 Joseph Elizabeth Camperdown

*extract from my spreadsheet from 2001.

So where did I find this reference number if it’s not listed in any of the records?

Caroline married Antony Arnold on the 16 Jan 1863 at Elizabeth Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was aged 21 and the details of her parents were not listed. The witness to her marriage was Thomas & Lydia Quirk, who was her stepmother’s Uncle and Aunt.

Antony was also aged 21 and the marriage says he was born in Germany.

Caroline and Antony had 3 children.

  1. Joseph Arnole born 1864 at Tamworth – parents details listed as Antony & Caroline
  2. Amelia Arnold born 1865 at Newtown – parents details are listed as Charles & Caroline
  3. Agnes Arnold born 1869 at Tamworth – parents details listed as Charles & Caroline

Caroline died in 13 Jun 1872 at Camperdown New South Wales. Her cause of death Plithisis and the duration of her illness was 18 months. Samuel J Jarrett, her brother in law was in the informant on her death certificate. Her parents were listed as Joseph Dilworth and Eliza Ditty.

Funeral Notice Caroline Arnold 1872

“THE FRIENDS of Mr. SAMUEL JARRIET are invited to attend the Funeral of his late SISTER-     IN-LAW, Mrs. Caroline Arnold ; to move from his residence, Thomas street, Camperdown, THIS (Saturday)   AFTERNOON, at 3 o’clock, for Balmain Cemetery. J. and G. SHYING and CO., Undertakers, 719, George Street”

My 2x Great Grand father Joseph Dilworth and his 1st wife, Eliza Ditty, had a daughter named Lavina Dilworth. She was born on the 4th May 1851 and was baptised at Saint Lawrence, Sydney on the 28th June 1851.

I have looked everywhere for Lavina. I’ve checked Trove, New South Wales, Victoria and QLD Marriage and death indexes. She just seems to have been born and yes she died at some point but where? Did she marry? Did she die young? Did she go by another first name?


My Great Great Grandfather Joseph Dilworth, was sentenced to 12 months hard labour at Bathurst Gaol in January 1861 for stealing from a dray. He was discharged in March 1862. From reading the details from the Bathurst Quarter Sessions (, Joseph and his wife, Mary were living in huts and tents, as described by the Chief Constable of Hartley’. ‘I know the prisoners they lived on the top of Mount Victoria in huts and tents, on both sides of the road’.

Mary, his wife was pregnant with my great grandfather Charles P Dilworth at the time. Charles was born in July 1862 at Newtown.

After Joseph is released, he made his way back to Newtown to his wife and family. They had a further 3 children between 1865 and 1868. The last two in the Gunnedah region and by 1871-72, Mary began a relationship with Michael Melverton. Mary and Michael had 3 children between 1872 and 1875. Joseph Dilworth was back in the Cumberland region when he died in 1877.






In a recent post I wrote, that I did not have much information on the Family of Eliza Dilworth and her husband James.

Yesterday, I was laying on the lounge, watching an old episode of Who Do you Think you are (Australia) and I had my iPAD with me. I decided to search Trove for my Dilworth ancestors. I did a blanket search of the surname with the years 1841-1900. There were a number of pages to go through and after a few pages, I had that YES! moment, where I found the below advertisement in 1888, that Joseph Dilworth placed requesting that either Eliza Shaw or her husband James get in touch:

“SHAW: Mrs. JAMES SHAW, maiden name ELIZA DILWORTH, or her husband, JAMES SHAW, last heard of and supposed to be still in Melbourne, write to your brother. JOSEPH DILWORTH. Address, Summerville, Elsmore, near Inverell. Melbourne papers please copy”.

I immediately went to the Victorian BDM Index and what do I find? Eliza’s death in 1911.

I purchased the certificate and find that she was a widow, aged 66, parents listed as Joseph Dilworth and Eliza Ditty. She was buried at Melbourne Cemetery and two children were listed, William James and Joseph Henry.


My previous post of Eliza and James is here:

I have been having a look at the Assessment Books & Sand’s Directories for Newtown for my ancestors Joseph Dilworth, Mary Quirk (later Dilworth) and Mary’s mother’ Catherine Quirk (nee Slattery).  The assessment books are located here: and the Sand’s Directories are located here:

I was checking to see where Joseph was living in the early 1860’s as in 1857 he sold a property in Australia Street Newtown, as detailed in a previous post.

Joseph does not appear in any of the Sand’s directories for Newtown, but from the assessment books for 1863 Joseph is listed in Horden Street Newtown (O’Connell Ward) and alongside him, Mrs C Quirk (which I believe to be Catherine Quirk – mother of Mary Dilworth, nee Quirk).

Below is a list of the Sand’s Directories and where they were living.  Joseph & Mary had moved out of the area by 1866 (a daughter was born at Cox’s Creek) and Joseph died in 1877. Mary appears to have come back by 1883. She had started a relationship with Michael Milverton by the beginning of 1871, as they had 3 children in the early 1870’s.  Mary & Michael did not marry until 1887.

From looking at the list below, it’s a bit hard to work out why Catherine Quirk was not listed in all of the directories as she appears in 1873 and then does not appear again until 1880, though still living at the same address. Catherine arrived in NSW in 1857 from Kilkenny Ireland, along with daughters Catherine & Margaret. Catherine died in 1891  and is buried at Rookwood Cemetery.


Year Name & Address Comments
1863 Mrs Dilworth – Susan Street  I’d say this is Mary Dilworth – nee Quirk
1873 Quirk, Catherine Slattery, laundress – Susan Street, Camperdown & Newtown – West Side Interesting that Catherine’s maiden name was included.
1880  Quirk, Catherine – Susan Street West Side  
1883  Quirk, Mrs. Mary – Enmore road-North side Not sure who this is:  Though Mary Dilworth (nee Quirk) did use her maiden name when she married Michael Melverton in 1887.
1884  24 Quirk Mrs. Susan Street – South Side  
1885  24 Quirk Mrs. Susan Street – South Side  
1886  24 Quirk Mrs. Susan Street – South Side  
1887  24 Quirk Mrs. Susan Street – South Side  
1889  24 Quirk Mrs. Susan Street – South Side  


This is a list of my maternal ancestors.  Also, forgive me as I try out different wordpress themes today.

My Maternal Grandmothers Ancestors

  • My Grandmother
    • Catherine Gladys Dilworth –(1900-1980)
  • My Great Grandparents:
    • Charles Patrick Dilworth (1861-1946) & Margaret McCormick (c1862-1932)
  • My Great Great Grandparents
    • Joseph Dilworth (c1807-1887) & Mary Quirk – (1832-1911)
    • Dennis McCormick (c1815-1890 ) & Mary Fitzgerald (c1832-1905)
  • My Great Great Great Grandparents (the ones that I know)
    • John Dilworth & Ruth King (Tyrone Ireland)
    • John Fitzgerald & Johanna (or Hanorah) O’Shaunnessey (Limerick, Ireland)
    • Patrick & Catherine McCormick (or McCormack)
    • John Quirk (1802-c1858, Kilkenny Ireland) and Catherine Slattery(c1811 -1891)
  •  My Great Great Great Grandparents (the ones that I know)
    • James Quirke & Alice Reid (Tipperrary & St Johns Well Kilkenny, Ireland)

My Maternal Grandfather’s Ancestors

  • My Grandfather
    • Herbert William Baker (1903-1958)
  • My Great Grandparents
    • Alfred Baker (1866-1909) and Ellen Mathews (1881-1966)
  • My Great Great Grandparents
    • William George Baker (c1836-1881) and  Susan Baldwin (c1842-1921)
    • George Mathews (c1842 – no known death has been recorded) & Ellen Shoulders (1856-1921)
  •  My Great Great Great Grandparents
    • Samuel Baker & Sarah King (Boxford, Suffolk)
    • John Baldwin (1806 – Bures St Mary Suffolk –died 1871 -) & Sarah Reason (died: 1856)
    • John Shoulders (c1816 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire-died1858) – other spelling of Surname is Shouler or Showler – & Mary ann Hanratty , alias Ryan – (c1835-1909)
  • My Great Great Great Great Grandparents
    • Arthur Hanratty alias Robert Johnston, alias Robert Hanratty, (c1807-?) & Ellen Moran both of Monaghan, Ireland


Area’s they were born, lived or died

Surname Places in the England or Ireland Places in Australia
Baker Bures St Mary, Sudbury, Boxford, Suffolk Boggabri New South Wales,Narrabri, New South Wales
Baldwin Bures St Mary, SuffolkAssington, Suffolk Boggabri, New South Wales
Dilworth Tyrone, Ireland Newtown, New South WalesMaitland, New South WalesBoggabri, New South Wales
Mary QuirkQuirke St Johns Well, Kilkenny, IrelandTipperary, Ireland Newtown, New South Wales, Boggabri, New South Wales
Catherine Slattery Tiperrary, Ireland Newtown, New South Wales
Dennis McCormick/McCormack Greenock, Scotland (though believe Dennis to have been born in Armagh Ireland) he was tried in Greenock, but his convict indent says he was from Armagh Ireland Greta, Branxton,Maitland, New South Wales
Mary Fitzgerald Stonehoyle, Limerick , Ireland As above
Mathews   Prospect, New South Wales,Bundarra, New South WalesLaura Station,Bundarra, New South WalesBoggabri, New South Wales
Shoulders/Showler/Shouler Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Armidale, New South Wales
Hanratty, Henratty Armagh, IrelandTried in Monaghan, Ireland Various places throughout New South Wales

The original idea for this originated from Shelly from the Twigs of Yore. I have been trying to decide which ancestor to choose and which document too choose as there are a few I could have chosen, I have decided though to dicuss my earliest known free immigrant ancestor, Joseph Dilworth.  I do have 5 direct ancestors who arrived as convicts between 1827 and 1839 but the details of these ancestors only came to light in the last few years, whereas the information I have had on Joseph, I obtained almost 20 years ago, when I first began my family history. I’ll be writing about my convict heritage in another post sometime soon.

Joseph Dilworth who was born around 1807 Killyman, Tyrone, Ireland. Jospeh arrived in New South Wales, with his first wife Elizabeth and son Josias Wilison on board the ship Wilson on the 7th January 1842. I am descended through Joseph’s second marriage to Mary Quirk, and they married in March 1857, 3 months after Elizabeth died in 1856. I suspect that Joseph married quickly and only wanted a mother to his fiive children from his first marriage. Joseph & Mary went onto have 6 children, before seperating about 1870 when Mary began a relationship and had 3 children with Michael Melvyton. 

The earliest document that I have is the copy of the shipping record from the Index to Bounty Immigrants Arriving in N.S.W., Australia, 1828-1842. I’ve had this for about 20 years when I printed it off, from the microfilm at the local library.  Back when I first began tracing my family history, all of my research was done at my local library, scouring microfiche, micofilms, books and indexes, which took a lot of time do unlike now.  You can now view the indexes to the Bounty Immigrants arriving in NSW as well as the original image on line for free at Family Search.

The information provided was:

Principal’s Name: Joseph Dilworth Estimated birth year: 1818 Age in years: 24 Native place of Principal: Killyman, Tyrone, Father’s name: John Mother’s name: Ruth Spouse’s name: Elizabeth Dilworth Native place of spouse: Tullaniskan, Tyrone, Spouse’s Father’s name: John Ditty Spouse’s Mother’s name: Nancy Ship: Wilson Date of arrival: 07 Jan 1842.

Have a good Australia Day everyone…

In researching my ancestors I have found the Trove website to be defintely worth a look as you never know what you may find.

Today I was doing a search and found some interesting information on my Great Great Grandfather, Joseph Dilworth.  He arrived in NSW on board the ship, Wilson, with his first Wife Eliza and young son Josias, in 1842.  They had a further 5 children before Eliza died in December 1856.  Joseph remarried again to Mary Quirk (my GG Grandmother) in March 1857 (less than 3 months after Eliza having died).

In January 1857 the following article appears:


The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Monday 12 January 1857, page 7

Two Brick Cottages and Slab Cottage, Stable, and Two Allotments of Land.

Mr. W. NEWELL has received instructions from Mr. Joseph Dilworth to sell on the above day, for cash, ‘

Two brick cottages, one 4 rooms, and tone 3 rooms, and 2 rooms in slab cottage, standing on a block of land 52 feet frontage by a depth of 80 feet, with a well of pure water, and well enclosed in, would bring in a rental of-60 per annum.

Also, at 12 o’clock,

All his household furniture and stock of groceries two carts, a first rate draught mare, harness, kitchen utensils, lot of pig”, and poultry.

Mr. W. N. would call the attention of intending/ buyers to this sale, as it will be a bona fide sale to the highest bidder for cash


Again in August & September of 1857, the following notice appears in the Sydney Morning Herald three times.

Brick House of Four Rooms, and an Allotment of Land, on the Kingston Estate, Newtown.

MR. W. NEWELL has received instructions from Mr. Joseph Dilworth, to sell by public auction, on the Ground, Australia-street, Kingston, on MONDAY next, the 7th day of September, at 11 o’clock. A good substantial brick house, consisting of large shop, 14 by 12 ; sitting-room, 12 by 10; bedroom. 12 by 10; kitchen, 14by 12; with verandah. On stone foundation ; on an allotment of land having 38 feet frontage by a depth of 83 feet; on which is erected a good stable, out-house, and a first-rate well of pure water. All enclosed in and paled, and being near to the Kingston Lodge Hotel. .

Mr. W. N. would call the attention of every class buyers to this snug property, as it one of the best stands on the Kingston for any line of business, and well finished throughout.

At 12 o’olock, all the furniture and effect  Title, first-rate. ,


I note the following information in relation to Kingston Lodge Hotel.

The Hotel was established in 1859 as the Kingston Lodge Hotel and was renamed the Court House Hotel in 1884

(and still stands on the corner of Australia & Lennox Streets Newtown).

What I’d like to do is search to see if the house that Joseph sold in 1857 also still stands today.

Will keep you posted.