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This is my last post in the 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks for 2014.

My 3x paternal great grandmother was Mary Scolfield who was according to census records born around 1790 and in Boxford Suffolk.

Mary is found in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census. Her ages in each of the census is pretty consistent and makes her birth to be around 1790 and born in Boxford Suffolk.

Boxford is familiar to me as my maternal Baker & King lines are also from Boxford. Did the families know each other?

From looking through the Suffolk Baptism Index East Sudbury 1754-1812 the only baptism I found that is a possibility is:

Mary Baptised 7 Oct 1792 to John and Susan Scolfield (late Lingley) born 30 September 1792 at St Mary Boxford.

Mary married John Richer on the 1st November 1812 at St Michael’s Thorpe Le Soken Essex.

They had 7 children being:

  • John RICHER (1782-1832)
  • Mary RICHER (1813- ): married Francis Palmer in 1841
  • James RICHER (1814-1895): married Susan Webb in 1836
  • William RICHER (1816- )
  • Maria RICHER (1821-1828)
  • Thomas RICHER (1821- )
  • Isaac RICHER (1824- )
  • Susan RICHER (1826-1904): Susan married Henry Barnard in 1844 and William Cousins in 1853

Mary died on the 8th April 1878 and is buried at St Michael’s Thorpe Le Soken.

Using the new probate search service I looked up and found Mary’s will in 1878. I ordered the will on the 12th December and on the 23rd December I received an email saying it was ready to download. Unfortunately though there was a ‘technical error’ and after notifying them via their feedback system, the will was eventually able to be downloaded yesterday.

The executor of the will was James Richer her son and my 2x great grandfather. She directed her son to sell ‘all my household furniture and other effects that may be in or around my dwelling house”.

She left 6 pounds to her son William, to her granddaughter Kitty Richer, 4 pounds, to her grandchildren Charlotte and William Cousins 4 pounds each and gave the residue of her personal estate to her son James.

In the 1851 census Mary is living with her daughter Susan Barnard and granddaughter Rosa Palmer. Rosa was 8. She was the daughter of Mary Richer and Francis Palmer.

In the 1861 census Mary is living with her daughter Susan Cousins and William Cousins (aged 4) and Catherine Richer aged 7. William is listed in the census as Mary’s nephew, and Catherine is listed as her niece. I do think this is incorrect and that they are both the grandchildren of Mary, in particular William being Susan’s son from her second marriage. William is also living with Mary in 1871 census and here he is listed as her grandson. I guess Catherine maybe the daughter of Susan.

Research to complete:

  1. Find Mary Richer in the 1841 census
  2. Kitty Richer – whose daughter was she? Is she in fact the Catherine Richer who was living with her in 1861?
  3. William Richer – find William’s marriage to his wife Mary.
  4. Do further research on the Scolfield and Lingley lines.



  1. Suffolk Baptism Index East Sudbury 1754-1812
  2. Ancestry
  3. Suffolk Marriage Index Sudbury Deanery 1754-1812

Mary Ann Webb was baptised 16th April 1813 to Isaac and Hannah Maria Webb (nee Appleby). Isaac’s occupation was listed as servant.

Mary Ann married Godfrey Wells on the 15 Jun 1836 at St Michael’s Thorpe Le Soken. The witnesses to the marriage were Henry Wells and Mary Pretty. Godfrey was baptised on the 7 Jul 1816 at Thorpe to Henry Wells and Maria Theobald.

Their daughter Mary Ann Wells was born in 1837 and I first noticed Maryann in the 1851 census where she is living with her Grandmother Hannah Maria Webb (nee Appleby). In the 1851 census Maryann is listed as being born in London, Middlesex and was 13 years old.

Today I found her in the 1841 census living with her Uncle Isaac Webb and his wife Martha at Abbey Street Thorpe Le Soken. Mary was 3 years old.

There is no record of Godfrey and Mary Ann in the 1841, 1851 or 1861 census that I have been able to find. I did do a blanket search using The Genealogist for just Godfrey’s first name in Essex, Middlesex and London without success. I also have found no burial records for either Godfrey or Maryann, so I wonder where did they go?


This is an update to my post of James & Hannah Appleby located here:

He firstly married Mary Elizabeth sometime prior to 1767. Mary Elizabeth died on the 13 January 1767 Thorpe Le Soken, Essex, England. The Burial register shows that she was the wife of James Appleby, Perukemaker.

Doing a google search, a perukemaker was a wig maker. From reading, a wig maker or perukemaker provided ‘a wide range of goods and services in the shop. Wigs and queues (hair pieces usually worn hanging at the back of the head) for men, and curls, braids and knots for women were sold for a wide range of prices. The barber pole in front of the shop advertised the availability of shaving and dressing services. The ceramic and brass shaving bowls were designed to keep soap and water from soiling fine clothing when men came to the shop for barbering services”.

I have not been able to find James’s baptism as yet. From searching through the Thorpe Le Soken marriage registers, A James Appleby is a witness to a number of marriages between 1754 and 1793. I suspect this is the same James Appleby that married Mary and Hannah.

Below is a list of marriages that James Appleby was a witness at between 1754 and 1793 at Thorpe-le-Soken Essex

  • 14 Aug 1754 William Clarkson       Rebecca Nicholson
  • 25 Dec 1754 Samuel Carter             Elizabeth Honeyvold
  • 29 Sep 1755 John Wybrow             Elizabeth Green
  • 26 Nov 1756 Charles Woodward   Sarah Keeble
  • 27 Mar 1757 Daniel Malden           Mary Saunders
  • 22 Oct 1758 George Maskal           Margaret Maria Barton
  • 19 Sep 1759 James Benjam            Mary Collins
  • 16 May 1763 Robert Asston           Ann Clements
  • 18 Aug 1764 James Frost               Elizabeth Maynor
  • 20 Oct 1786 John Marshall           Frances Wilson
  • 29 Jan 1793 John Beamont           Sarah Lane





  1. – Thorpe Le Soken Burials 1682-1793 image 87
  2. and
  3. – Thorpe Le Soken Marriages 1754-1797



My 2x Great Grandmother was Mary Pritty born on the 18 September 1800 and baptised on the 19 October 1800 at Wivenhoe Essex to John and Elizabeth Pritty. John died in August 1811 and was buried on the 19th August at St Mary’s Wivenhoe. I think Elizabeth died at age 72 in 1834.

I have previously searched the parish registers for Wivenhoe for any other records such as John and Elizabeth’s marriage but never found anything apart from the children being born to them.

The only ones I have found are: (all at Wivenhoe)
• Samuel Pretty born 6 May 1794 baptism 1 Jun 1794
• Sarah Pritty born baptism 28 Jan 1798 Buried 4 Mar 1799
• Mary Pritty born 18 Sep 1800 baptism 19 Oct 1800 (Mary married Frances Scutcher (Scutche in the register) at Great Bentley.

There is also a death for a Robert Pretty in 1791 aged 53 making him born around 1738. Is this John’s father?

I saw that the tree’s on Ancestry have Thomas Pritty father (John) death being the same as my John and that Thomas’ baptism was in St Martin’s Colchester. So last week I searched St Martin Colchester Parish registers just to see if I could find anything.

I found Thomas’ baptism in 29th March 1789 (not 1788) to a John and Jane Pritty. One page back there is also a baptism for a John Pritty to John and Jane baptism September 30 1787 and the words ‘duty paid’ next to it. On Thursday, whilst having another look through St Martin’s, for a different ancestor, I had that lovely eureka moment, when I found the marriage for John Pritty (Widower) and Elizabeth Warren (Widow) on 20 December 1791.

I also found a marriage between a John Tricker* widower to a Charlotte Pritty Single on the 28 October 1788. On the same page as the baptism of Thomas Pritty above, there is a John William Pretty, born to John and Charlotte Tricker*. *note that I have put the surname as Tricker as that is what is looks like, it could be something slightly different*

My guess is that Charlotte is possibly the sister of John Pritty but can’t be sure until I find a baptism

I also found a burial for Jane Pretty on July 4 1791 at St Martin’s (this is also in the National Burial Index CD). There is also two burials for a James Warren and John Warren on the same page as Jane’s burial. I’m guessing one of these is Elizabeth’s first husband.

I had a further look to find a marriage for John and Jane in St Martin’s and St Peter’s but did not find anything

There is also a baptism at St Martin for a John Pretty 6th June 1756 born to John & Ann. I do not know if this is John or not.

Next Steps: Continue to search the surrounding parishes, in particular St James, St Martin, St Peter in Colchester for the baptisms of John Pritty, Charlotte Pritty. A marriage for John & Jane and the first marriage for Elizabeth Warren, so that I can find out what her maiden name was.


In a previous post I wrote about James Quirk and his parents Nicholas & Margaret which is located here:

This week I received a copy of the death certificate of James’ mother Margaret. Margaret was aged 52 when she died of carcinoma of the uterus on the 8th January 1883. Her father’s surname was listed as ‘Tobin’ and his occupation, military service. Her mother’s surname was Healey.

I wanted to get her death certificate to see if there was any further information that could give an idea of when Nicholas & Margaret arrived in NSW. According to the certificate she had been in the colony of NSW for about 25 years. The death certificate also showed that Nicholas and Margaret had been married in Queen’s co Ireland.

In my previous post I wrote that the below shipping record was the only one that I could find that was a possibility. I now think that this is the correct shipping record for the couple as the native place for Margaret is the same as what is on her death certificate.

Ship: Caroline Middleton, Date of arrival: 29th September 1854, Place of arrival: Hobart, Tasmania

 Name Age Native Place
Nicholas Quirk 23 Kilkenny Ireland
Margaret Quirk 25 Queens County, Ireland
Thomas Quirk 3 Kilkenny Ireland
Anne Quirk Infant under 1 Kilkenny Ireland

I went on to Roots Ireland to see if I could find their marriage.

  • Date of marriage: 13 Nov 1846
  • Parish: Doonane County Co Laois
  • Nicholas Quirk and Margaret Tobin. Margaret’s address is listed as ‘Clonbrock’.
  • Witnesses were: John Alinson and Catherine Healy. Could Catherine be her mother or maybe a sister?

According to both death certificates for Nicholas and Margaret, the oldest child was Thomas. But looking at Roots Ireland, the baptism records show that James was the oldest.

Name: James Quirk

  • Date of Baptism: 21 June 1849
  • Address: Mt Nugent, Parish: St Johns
  • Father: Nicholas Quirk, Mother: Margaret Tobin

Name: Thomas Quirk

  • Date of Baptism: 26 Aug 1850
  • Address: Mt Nugent, Parish: St Johns
  • Father: Nicholas Quirk and Margaret Healy.
  • Witness: John Coogan and Catherine Healy.

Name: Marian Quirk

  • Date of Baptism: 30 Mar 1854
  • Address: Mt Nugent, Parish: St Johns
  • Father: Nicholas Quirk and Margaret Healy.

So Thomas and Marian (Ann) came to NSW with their parents. I still wonder why James was left behind and why the shipping record in 1857, says he was only 5. Was his age recorded incorrectly?

Caroline Dilworth was the eldest daughter to Joseph and Elizabeth Dilworth (nee Ditty). Caroline was born around 1843 in Sydney.

I do not know the date of Caroline’s birth or baptism but have always believed it was in 1843. I realised recently that I didn’t have Caroline’s birth date in my database. Way back in the late 1980’s when I first started researching my family history, I looked up the BDM on the microfiche which were at the library. I have copies of the baptisms for her brothers and sisters from the microfilm but for some reason I don’t have Caroline’s. I have in my database that her birth registration was listed as Elizabeth M J and the NSW Birth Registration number was 4380/142. I’ve always been a bit confused as to why she was registered as Elizabeth, when she had a sister who was born in 1845 who was named Elizabeth. In Joseph’ second, there is also another female, whose name was Lizzie but was also known throughout her life as Elizabeth.

I went to check the registration number on my NSW Pioneer Index, the NSW BDM online index as well as today I went to the library to look up the original microfiche. I can’t find where or how I came about this reference number. I am perplexed as I clearly remember seeing the name Eliza M J. I’ve even found a copy of an old spreadsheet where I recorded all of the BDM’s from the microfiche.

Surname First Name Year Vol Reference Father Mother Place
Dilworth Elizabeth M J 1843 142 4380 Joseph Elizabeth Camperdown

*extract from my spreadsheet from 2001.

So where did I find this reference number if it’s not listed in any of the records?

Caroline married Antony Arnold on the 16 Jan 1863 at Elizabeth Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was aged 21 and the details of her parents were not listed. The witness to her marriage was Thomas & Lydia Quirk, who was her stepmother’s Uncle and Aunt.

Antony was also aged 21 and the marriage says he was born in Germany.

Caroline and Antony had 3 children.

  1. Joseph Arnole born 1864 at Tamworth – parents details listed as Antony & Caroline
  2. Amelia Arnold born 1865 at Newtown – parents details are listed as Charles & Caroline
  3. Agnes Arnold born 1869 at Tamworth – parents details listed as Charles & Caroline

Caroline died in 13 Jun 1872 at Camperdown New South Wales. Her cause of death Plithisis and the duration of her illness was 18 months. Samuel J Jarrett, her brother in law was in the informant on her death certificate. Her parents were listed as Joseph Dilworth and Eliza Ditty.

Funeral Notice Caroline Arnold 1872

“THE FRIENDS of Mr. SAMUEL JARRIET are invited to attend the Funeral of his late SISTER-     IN-LAW, Mrs. Caroline Arnold ; to move from his residence, Thomas street, Camperdown, THIS (Saturday)   AFTERNOON, at 3 o’clock, for Balmain Cemetery. J. and G. SHYING and CO., Undertakers, 719, George Street”

My 2x Great Grand father Joseph Dilworth and his 1st wife, Eliza Ditty, had a daughter named Lavina Dilworth. She was born on the 4th May 1851 and was baptised at Saint Lawrence, Sydney on the 28th June 1851.

I have looked everywhere for Lavina. I’ve checked Trove, New South Wales, Victoria and QLD Marriage and death indexes. She just seems to have been born and yes she died at some point but where? Did she marry? Did she die young? Did she go by another first name?


In 1857, my GGG grandmother Catherine Quirk, nee Slattery arrived in NSW with her two daughters and a nephew, James, who was listed on the shipping record as aged 5. His parents were listed as Nicholas and Margaret, residing in Sydney.

I’ve always wondered why Nicholas and Margaret left their young son behind in Ireland. I know that Nicholas Quirke was baptised on the 19 Apr 1817 at St Johns Well Kilkenny. I have not found any record on Roots Ireland for the marriage between Nicholas and Margaret, but on Nicholas’s death certificate it had the following details:

Date of Death: 5/4/1896, Occupation: Retired Commission Agent

Place of marriage: Kilkenny, Age at marriage: 27 (this would make the year of marriage to be about 1844).

Spouse: Margaret Cogan (deceased)

Children: Thomas, Mary, James, Frank & Alice, with 1 child deceased. The deceased child I believe was Michael Quirk who died in 1856.

Registration Number Family Name Given Name(s) Father’s Given Name(s) Mother’s Given Name(s) District

I have not been able to find when Nicholas and Margaret arrived in NSW. The only shipping record that comes close is the below.

Ship: Caroline Middleton, Date of arrival: 29th September 1854, Place of arrival: Hobart, Tasmania


Name Age Native Place
Nicholas Quirk 23 Kilkenny Ireland
Margaret Quirk 25 Queens County, Ireland
Thomas Quirk 3 Kilkenny Ireland
Anne Quirk Infant under 1 Kilkenny Ireland


So are the above my Nicholas and Margaret. Most of the information fits, except for the ages, and the name of the female child.

James Quirk the young child who arrived in NSW in 1857 with his Aunt. I received his death certificate yesterday and it appears he never married.

Date of death: 19 Jun 1925, Place: Quirindi Creek, Age: 75, Cause of death: Asphyxia from Drowning.

Father: Nicholas Quirk, Mother: Margaret Tobin, Born: Kilkenny Ireland


From looking at the inquest on Ancestry I find that it found that James ‘drowned through falling into the water whilst under the influence of alcohol’.

I also today found James’s baptism on Roots Ireland

Name: James Quirk

Date of Baptism: 21 June 1849

Address: Mt Nugent, Parish: St Johns

Father: Nicholas Quirk, Mother: Margaret Tobin

From the BDM records, I can see the death of Margaret is in 1883, but her father’s surname is listed as ‘Tobin’. Cogan and Tobin do sound familiar so maybe the information on Nicholas death was not sure of the name.

Next step is to obtain a copy of Margaret’s death certificate to see what information is there.


My 4x Great Grandmother was possibly Ellen Hanratty or Mohan who was born in Monaghan Ireland. Her age is shown on various records which gives her birth to between 1802 and 1812. I have not found the birth of my 3 x great grandmother, Mary Hanratty but Mary’s death certificate listed her father as Arthur Hanratty. Refer to the bottom of the page for links to other posts about Arthur Hanratty.

Convict indent for Elleanor Hanratty alias Moran

  • Age 24 – catholic
  • Arrived per Edward
  • Where Tried: Monaghan Ireland
  • When: 7th August 1827
  • Offence: Stole money

Eleanor had a life of larceny and drunkness and in 1863 she is reported as living by prostitution; her house was said to be a common resort for low dissipated fellows’

In 1834, Elleanor married Robert/Arthur Hanratty, who she was acquainted back in Ireland. They were tried and convicted in Monaghan Ireland on the same date.

From the New South Wales, Australia, Gaol Description and Entrance Books, 1818-1930, the following entries were found:

Between 1831 and 1842 she is listed at least 10 times that I’ve been able to find in the New South Wales, Australia, Gaol Description and Entrance Books, 1818-1930.

In 1849 Helen/Ellen Moran or Hanretty married a James Dicky. She was listed as a widow (though no death for Arthur/Robert has been found).

From the Maitland Mercury:


MASTERS AND SERVANTS ACT.-Yesterday two cases under this Act were brought before the bench. The first was Ellen Dickey v. John Walker Foreman. Dickey deposed that she had served Mr. Foreman as domestic servant for seven weeks at 5s. per week, and had only received 10s. in payment; she now claimed a balance of £1 5s. Mr. Foreman said he had paid her in full, having paid 10s. at one payment, and £1 4s. 6d. at another, when settling with her. Dickey said that this lost sum was not for wages, but was part of a sum of £1 12s. 9d. she had placed in Mrs. Foreman’s hands, and which had been repaid to her in four payments, as she described. Mr. Foreman admitted that Mrs. Foreman told him that Dickey had placed £1 11s. 3d. in her hands, but said that this matter he had left between them, and he believed they had settled it ; the payment of £1 4s. 6d. made by him was for wages. He produced a witness, a girl named Elizabeth Snell, who, however, stated that although she saw Mr. Foreman pay Dickey some money, she did not know how much it was, nor did she hear what words passed; Dickey subsequently told her that she was satisfied all but 5s. which Mrs.Foreman charged her with, and which she did not recollect. The bench said that this evidence was not distinct enough to do away with Dickey’s positive oath as to the payment, and they gave judgment for the plaintiff for the sum claimed, with costs.


DRUNKENNESS.-Yesterday, Ellen Dickey and John Raftery were brought before the bench, charged with drunkenness; they were convicted, and Dickey was fined 5s or 24 hours in the cells, and Raftery 10s. or 48 hours.


DRUNKENESS – Wednesday Mary Smith, Ellen Dickey, John Jenkins, Mary Minion, and Mary Wightman, were brought before the bench, and were convicted of drunkenness ; Smith and Jenkins were fined 5s. each, or 24 hours in the cells ; Dickey, Minton, and Wightman were fined 10s. each, or 48 hours. Yesterday Joseph Morris and Michael O’Keefe, who had been     summoned to appear on similar charges, failed to ppear when called ; warrants were directed to be issued for their apprehension.


Obscence Language-Ellen Dickey was yesterday found guilty before the bench, at West Maitlind, with using obscene language, in a public street in West Maitland, on Monday evening and was fined 40s. or   seven days imprisonment in Maitland gaol

Drunkeness -Yesterday James Dickey, Ellen Dickey, and Margret Murphy were found guilty on charges of drunkenness, before the bench at West Maitland James Dickey is fined 20s or forty eight hours in the cells. Ellen Dickey 10s, or twenty four   hours in the cells, and Margaret Murphy was admonished and discharged


James Dickey, Ellen Dickey, William Heffernan, and John Warren were on Wednesday found guilty, before   the bench, at East Maitland, on charges of drunkenness. The three first defendants were each fined 20s., or 48 hours in the cells, and John Warren was fined 10s., or 24 hours in the cells.


DRUNKENNESS.-Ellen Dickey, Thomas Wright, and Mary Ann Dawson pleaded guilty on Monday before the bench, at West Maitland, to charges of drunken- ness, and were each fined 2os., or 48 hours in the cells.

Henry Weight, Thomas Bodimar, Robert M’Crea, and Abraham Ashworth pleaded guilty on Monday before the bench, at East Maitland, to charges of drunkenness, The three former were admonished and discharged, and the last fined 10s , or 24 hours in the cells. Yesterday Catherine Conolly, Mary Gleeson, and Owen Dunegan were found guilty before the bench, at East Maitland, on charges of drunkenness; the two females were fined 20s., or 48 hours in the cells; the male prisoner was fined 10s” or 24 hours in the cells.


Ellen Dickey and Billy (an aboriginal) were brought before the West Maitland bench-the former on Wednesday, and the latter on Thursday- charged with having made use, in a public place, of filthy and disgusting expressions. Ellen Dickey, it was stated, got her living by prostitution; her house was said to be a common resort for low dissipated fellows. This prisoner was fined £5 – the extreme penalty – or three months imprisonment. The fine was not paid. Billy, the black fellow was admonished and discharged.


Petty Larceny.-Ellen Dickey, an aged female, was brought before the bench at West Maitland, yesterday, charged with stealing some Hour, a tumbler, and a plate, valued at 4s. 8d., the property of Mrs. Collins, innkeeper. Branxton. She was convicted, and sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment.

Ellen died on the 24/3/1864, her age listed as being 50 and was living at Branxton NSW. The informant on the death was James Thomson, coroner. An inquest had been held on the 30/3/1864 at Branxton. Verdict: Died by Being Suffocated in the mud and shallow water accelerated by Drunkenness.

Sources and other posts:

My Great Great Grandfather Joseph Dilworth, was sentenced to 12 months hard labour at Bathurst Gaol in January 1861 for stealing from a dray. He was discharged in March 1862. From reading the details from the Bathurst Quarter Sessions (, Joseph and his wife, Mary were living in huts and tents, as described by the Chief Constable of Hartley’. ‘I know the prisoners they lived on the top of Mount Victoria in huts and tents, on both sides of the road’.

Mary, his wife was pregnant with my great grandfather Charles P Dilworth at the time. Charles was born in July 1862 at Newtown.

After Joseph is released, he made his way back to Newtown to his wife and family. They had a further 3 children between 1865 and 1868. The last two in the Gunnedah region and by 1871-72, Mary began a relationship with Michael Melverton. Mary and Michael had 3 children between 1872 and 1875. Joseph Dilworth was back in the Cumberland region when he died in 1877.