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I have been going through my parents photos and photo albums looking for old photos of my parents, their parents and other family members.

Below is one of my Paternal Great Grandfather Ernest Mitchell born in Adelaide South Australia in 1882 and died in NSW in 1945. The photo was taken in the late 1930’s. On the back of the photo it says “Grandad in Stage Costume”.

Ernest apparently appeared in a number of plays, including ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’. I’m yet to find any other information on what other plays he would have been in or what thearte they were performed in. Ernest and his wife Daisy were living in Northy Sydney during the 1920’s. Maybe one day I will find some additonal information.

Postcards of Sydney

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Photos

Today I was sorting through some family photos and came across the following two postcards that I must have bought at some time and thought I would share:

The first one is of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in April 1930.  On the Back of the post card it says:

“This was the great era of the Sydney Harbour Ferries. The multidude of steam ferries at berth and crisscrossing the harbour linked the north shore with the city. The Harbour Bridge seen five months from the closing of it’s arch was still two years from completion’.

The second one is of the Pyrmont Bridge Sydney, dated 1902. On the back of the post card, is reads:

“Looking east across Darling Harbour to the city. Clearly the traffic jam is not a modern phenonemon!”.