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Note: I published this yesterday but I accidently deleted it.

Since my last post in late January I haven’t done any work on my family history. I have been too busy with my day job and then the weekend comes and all I want to do is ‘nothing’.

I am finally going to have a couple of days off, in two weeks, so my plan is to go out to the NSW State Records office at Kingswood to do some research on one of these days. I’m particularly interested to see if I can track down some information on Samuel Baker (convict – arrived ‘England’ 1835), as well as some other bits for other ancestors, which next week, I’ll start to look at so that I have an actual plan and see if I need be order the documents ready for viewing before I go. The last time I visited the records office was in September & October 2009.

I have though been reading some blogs. I have RSS reader on my iPhone and do check what new posts have been made throughout the day.If I have read an interesting one then I copy it over to Evernote and eventually I’ll be able to go back to it, to have a proper read, especially if the post is something I am interested in, such as UK or Ireland research tips or links.

Yesterday, I registered to do the ‘English Parish Records’ via National Institute of Genealogical Studies commencing on the 4th April and it goes for 8 weeks. I’m also registered to do the Social Media for Genealogists, which also starts on the 4th April, which goes for 5 weeks. The social media one is free, though it does have a compulsory book that you need to order for US$18.95.

I’ll let you know what I think of both courses, especially the English Parish Registers one, as I did start the three (3) week course that was recently run by Pharos Tutors on ‘All About Parish Registers’. I’ll leave my thoughts on that until later when I compare the two courses.

I also have received a reply finally from the Suffolk Records Office on buying the microfiche for Boxford & Bures St Mary for my One Place Studies. I would still like to transcribe the parish registers,but I still need to obtain permission to publish the data to my Boxford Suffolk OPS which I’m yet to do. I also need to track down a cheap microfiche reader, as I’d rather be at home transcribing instead of having to go to the library. It would be easier at home also, as then I can transcribe directly from the fiche to the PC. So for now, I’ll be concentrating on the census records for both parishes and I’ll look at purchasing the registers at a later date. For anyone interested, there is also a One Place Studies Index which came live late last year and is regularly being updated, One Place Studies Index

Thats it for now..

Since my last update a few weeks ago, I haven’t spent a lot of time doing any research, as I have been extremely busy with my day job  and will continue to be over the next month or so, so won’t have time to blog or do much research. Though in saying that I have completed or started to do the following since my last update.

  •  Sent an email two weeks ago to the Suffolk Records Office, to enquire about purchasing the parish registers for Boxford so that I can start some research on my One Place Study.  Unfortunately, I’m yet to receive a reply from them.
  • Started to extract all marriages that occurred in Boxford Suffolk from the  ” Allegations for Marriage Licences, from the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Suffolk, 1684-1839″ which I obtained from English Parish Registers and all those noted as being from Boxford but married elsewhere in Suffolk for my OPS.
  • Spent some time searching the UK census records and marriage records for Sarah Baker (nee King) and her daughter Sarah Baker (baptised in 1834 at Boxford), as well as again trying to find William George Baker in the census but once again to no avail.
  • Received an ancestor approved award from Pauleen at Familys Across the Sea’s which was great but I will deal with in another post at some point.
  • Found an entry on the NSW Australia Gaol Description & Entrance Books 1818-1930  for a John Shoulder and the information found matches back to the convict listed as ‘ John Showler’, who arrived on the Countess of Harcourt in 1828.  I still need to take a trip to the NSW State Records office at Kingswood to look at some original records but I am now begining to believe this John Showler/John Shoulder was my GGG Grandfather. Click here to view my previous post on John

My Next post will be next Wendesday 26th January, Australia Day

This week I did the following: 

  1. Now that the NSW Birth Death and Marriages have released an extra year on their online indexes, I ordered a transcription of the my maternal grandmother’s death certificate, who passed away in 1980
  2. I recorded events into my Legacy database for all family members who were in WW1 and recorded the appropriate sources. I have now filed these documents into a folder.
  3. Created a task list in Excel of the research I need to undertake. A copy of this is now located on this blog at Current Research.
  4. Made a couple of posts over at Rootschat, looking for help on a couple of ancestors. I ended up in contact with a family connection for my King & Baker lines. 
  5. The registrations for the Certificate Course for 2011 run by the Society of Australian Genealogists is now open for financial members. Last week I said that I wanted to do this, either in 2011 or 2012.  At this stage, it looks like I will be looking to do this in 2012, as I am currently not a financial member of SAG, though I used to be many years ago. I let my membership lapse, as I never had the time to visit the library, considering I work full time and I live over an hour away via public transport and the only time I would get to the library is Saturday afternoons, which at present is not a viable option. The current cost to join is $70 (Yearly membership) + $20 joining fee, which is fine, except that this would only last 6 months and then I would need to pay another $70 in July for the next 12 months. So I’ll be looking to join the society again in the second of of this year.  I can see that membership would have it’s benefits, in particular “Access to millions of parish registers and other sources microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah”, especially in light of the fact that I am currently undertaking a one place study on Boxford, Suffolk but right now, I can’t see myself visiting the library the first half of this year.
  6. Spent some time on IHR Family History Resource  looking at the various documents, such as the 1870-1871 NSW Electoral Rolls & the 1878-1879 NSW Electoral Rolls, looking for references to my ancestors William Baker & George  King. I note that the IHR site costs $40 per year to access the documents.

Next week I will be:

  1. As suggested by Shelley over at Twigs of Lore, I’ll start to plan on what I will write about on the Australia day blog.
  2. Follow up on replies received on Rootschat posts and work on suggestions made.
  3. With any luck my new photo album that I purchased from Gould Genealogy will arrive and I’ll start to put some of my photos together. Actually thought it would have arrived yesterday, so that I could work on it this weekend but unfortunately it did not.
  4. Update some of the pages and information on my family tree website.
  5. Continue to work on my King & Baker lines.

This time last year I did not have any real plans for my research. I only made two goals for the year and one was to get fit again, especially after the previous 12 months of inactivity due to illness.

My other goal was to spend more time doing my family history, whatever or wherever that took me. I have to say that both goals have been achieved with I’d say much success. I am 100% fitter and happier than before (doing ‘Bootcamp’ 3 nights a week helps!!!) and my one fitness goal for 2011 is to run in the 4km Mother’s Day Classic which helps support Breast Cancer Research. My Sister had Breast Cancer and is now what they say, in remission.

As for my family history, I did not have anything in particular I wanted to achieve but this is a list of what I did do:

  • Started this blog in May 2010
  • Kept up to date with my website – 
  • Using Irish Family History Foundation new search function I was able to track down the baptism & marriage records of my Quirk family in Kilkenny Ireland.
  • Decided to give AncestryUK a go, as I figured without it, my UK research just wouldn’t be going anywhere.
  • Made two family connections, one with my Baker family and the other with my Harris family, who were both able to provide some additional information.
  • Scanned all of my photos to my computer.
  • Trawled through on a regular basis and found a number of newspaper articles on various ancestors.
  • Completed two online Genealogy Courses from Pharos Tutors
  • Commenced a One Place Study on Boxford, Suffolk. I have already compiled the 1841 census for Boxford.
  • Purchased a number of programs/data to help with my research, including: National Burial Index England & Wales, – Third Edition, Suffolk Marriage Index 1813-1837, Suffolk Burial Index 1538-1900, Sudbury Suffolk Marriage Licences 1684-1839, Phillimores Suffolk Marriage Registers Vol 1 -4, South Australian National Directory 1867-1868, Deaths from South Australian Government Gazettes 1845-1941
  • Attended the History & Genealogy Expo Sydney 2010, in September
  • Found the Chelsea Pensioner Record for my Ancestor John Baldwin
  • Worked on my Quirke, Baker, Baldwin, Harris, Richer & Scutcher Families.
  • And a whole lot of other research

For 2011, I intend to:

  • I have now scanned all of my photos, including all of the photos that my grandmother who passed away in September had. She left behind 8 photo albums and there were quite a few photos taken in the 1950’s and 60’s. There were also a couple of photos her father, her uncle and cousins. They are all now on my computer. Next step is to attach the photos to the individuals in my database.
  • Create an actual research task list of things I want to achieve this year of my direct ancestors. To include the names of people, what research needs to be done, and where to find it. Legacy does have a good ‘research task list’, but I need something that is right there in front of me, and maybe a good old excel spread sheet might do the trick.
  • Continue to write this blog at least every fortnight
  • Play around with Evernote. Today I downloaded and installed Evernote as I was looking for something to record my never ending notes of research that I am currently undertaking, instead of writing it down on a piece of paper as I am going along, (and not finding it again). I have read some reviews on a few other genealogy blogs, so it will be interesting to see if I use the program or revert back to my old ways. I don’t want to use it to attach actual records or documents as when I do find something, such as a document I find on Ancestry, I immediately download it and save it to the appropriate surname folder, but need something instead to record:  a. Those bits of information that I am not ready to record into my Legacy Database. b. Those bits of information that I need to do further research on
  • Complete more online courses from Pharos Tutors, in particular “All About Parish Registers
  • I want to do the Certificate in Genealogical Research from the Society of Australian Genealogists, so need to decide by March 2011, whether to start it this year or next year.
  • Continue to save enough money to go to Gallipoli in 2012. 
  • Pass more information on to my parents as I continue my research. I have been doing my family history for over 20 years but haven’t really discussed the things I have found out. Only little bits and pieces every now and again. I want to put all that I currently have into a viewable report for them to both read.
  • Whatever else that I find interesting

I saw two quotes in today’s paper that I found interesting –

“The key to life is to accept all challenges” – Bette Davis

 “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney

Have an enjoyable 2011 in all that you do……