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My Family History Update 3

Note: I published this yesterday but I accidently deleted it. Since my last post in late January I haven’t done any work on my family history. I have been too busy with my day job and then the weekend comes and all I want to do is ‘nothing’. I am finally going to have a couple of …

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My Family History Weekly Update 2

Since my last update a few weeks ago, I haven’t spent a lot of time doing any research, as I have been extremely busy with my day job  and will continue to be over the next month or so, so won’t have time to blog or do much research. Though in saying that I have completed …

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My Family History weekly update 1

This week I did the following:  Now that the NSW Birth Death and Marriages have released an extra year on their online indexes, I ordered a transcription of the my maternal grandmother’s death certificate, who passed away in 1980 I recorded events into my Legacy database for all family members who were in WW1 and …

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My Family History Research – an update

This time last year I did not have any real plans for my research. I only made two goals for the year and one was to get fit again, especially after the previous 12 months of inactivity due to illness. My other goal was to spend more time doing my family history, whatever or wherever …

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