52 Ancestors in 52 weeks #32 Caroline Dilworth 1843-1872

Caroline Dilworth was the eldest daughter to Joseph and Elizabeth Dilworth (nee Ditty). Caroline was born around 1843 in Sydney.

I do not know the date of Caroline’s birth or baptism but have always believed it was in 1843. I realised recently that I didn’t have Caroline’s birth date in my database. Way back in the late 1980’s when I first started researching my family history, I looked up the BDM on the microfiche which were at the library. I have copies of the baptisms for her brothers and sisters from the microfilm but for some reason I don’t have Caroline’s. I have in my database that her birth registration was listed as Elizabeth M J and the NSW Birth Registration number was 4380/142. I’ve always been a bit confused as to why she was registered as Elizabeth, when she had a sister who was born in 1845 who was named Elizabeth. In Joseph’ second, there is also another female, whose name was Lizzie but was also known throughout her life as Elizabeth.

I went to check the registration number on my NSW Pioneer Index, the NSW BDM online index as well as today I went to the library to look up the original microfiche. I can’t find where or how I came about this reference number. I am perplexed as I clearly remember seeing the name Eliza M J. I’ve even found a copy of an old spreadsheet where I recorded all of the BDM’s from the microfiche.

Surname First Name Year Vol Reference Father Mother Place
Dilworth Elizabeth M J 1843 142 4380 Joseph Elizabeth Camperdown

*extract from my spreadsheet from 2001.

So where did I find this reference number if it’s not listed in any of the records?

Caroline married Antony Arnold on the 16 Jan 1863 at Elizabeth Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was aged 21 and the details of her parents were not listed. The witness to her marriage was Thomas & Lydia Quirk, who was her stepmother’s Uncle and Aunt.

Antony was also aged 21 and the marriage says he was born in Germany.

Caroline and Antony had 3 children.

  1. Joseph Arnole born 1864 at Tamworth – parents details listed as Antony & Caroline
  2. Amelia Arnold born 1865 at Newtown – parents details are listed as Charles & Caroline
  3. Agnes Arnold born 1869 at Tamworth – parents details listed as Charles & Caroline

Caroline died in 13 Jun 1872 at Camperdown New South Wales. Her cause of death Plithisis and the duration of her illness was 18 months. Samuel J Jarrett, her brother in law was in the informant on her death certificate. Her parents were listed as Joseph Dilworth and Eliza Ditty.

Funeral Notice Caroline Arnold 1872

“THE FRIENDS of Mr. SAMUEL JARRIET are invited to attend the Funeral of his late SISTER-     IN-LAW, Mrs. Caroline Arnold ; to move from his residence, Thomas street, Camperdown, THIS (Saturday)   AFTERNOON, at 3 o’clock, for Balmain Cemetery. J. and G. SHYING and CO., Undertakers, 719, George Street”

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