52 Ancestors in 52 weeks #23 James Quirk (born 1824) Kilkenny Ireland

James Quirk was baptised on the 15 February 1824 at St John’s Kilkenny to Peter Quirk and Catherine Ryan. Sponsors were Thomas Quirk and Ann Ryan.

In 1849, James and his younger sister Margaret left Ireland and arrived in New South Wales on the ship ‘Victoria’ and arrived on the 3rd September 1849.

James spent some time on the gold fields in Bendigo Victoria before coming back to Sydney where he married Mary McMahon on the 7 Mar 1859 at St Mary’s Sydney.

I do not have any information on the children as yet, nor have I found when James died.

Though I have found references to the deaths of three children to a James & Mary Quirk from Cooks River, all in the space of 2 weeks:

Peter Quirk – at his residence at Cooks River, father James Quirk, aged 8, 25/5/1868

Catherine Quirk at the 159 Dowling Street Woolloomooloo, 8th June and on the 10th, Helena, aged 6 years and QUIRK—June 8th, at No. 159, Dowling-street, Woolloomooloo, Catherine, aged 2 years and 7 months ; and on the 10th, Helena, aged 6 years and 5 months, the beloved children of James and Mary Quirk, of Cook’s River.

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