52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #13 It’s all relative – McGuire

In preparation for Anzac Day, I have been doing a little bit extra research on some family that were in WW1.

I have two brothers who were both killed in action. George Francis McGuire died in 1916 and James John McGuire died in 1918. I will write a separate post about them over the weekend.

Whilst looking through my data I discovered, that even though technically they are not ‘cousins’ other family connections tie us together.

  • My mother’s paternal Grandfather was Alfred Baker. His sister Susan married David George Guest in 1890 at Boggabri.
  • David’s sister Laura Richmond Guest married George Richard McGinnity in 1891 at Narrabri
  • George’s sister Emma Ann McGinnity married Thomas Joseph McGuire in 1874 at Narrabri and they were the parents of George & James, the two who died during the war.
  • Thomas’s brother Francis McGuire married Maryann Margaret Dilworth in 1888.
  • Maryann was the sister of my mother’s maternal grandfather Charles Patrick Dilworth
  • Maryann & Charles’s mother was Mary Quirk, and I also noticed that the mother of Thomas Joseph McGuire was a Catherine Quirk – so I wonder was Catherine Quirk related to Mary? Some research on Catherine will need to be done to see what I can find.
Paternal Side Relation Maternal Side Relation
Alfred Baker Grandfather Charles Patrick Dilworth Grandfather
Susan Baker Great Aunt Maryann Dilworth Great Aunt
David George Guest Husband of Great Aunt Susan Baker Francis McGuire Husband of Great Aunt Maryann Dilworth
Laura Guest Sister of David Guest
George McGinnity Husband of Laura Guest
Emma McGinnity Sister of George McGinnity Thomas McGuire Brother to Francis McGuire


George Francis McGuire(1891-1916) John James McGuire (1877-1918)

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