My Family History Update 3

Note: I published this yesterday but I accidently deleted it.

Since my last post in late January I haven’t done any work on my family history. I have been too busy with my day job and then the weekend comes and all I want to do is ‘nothing’.

I am finally going to have a couple of days off, in two weeks, so my plan is to go out to the NSW State Records office at Kingswood to do some research on one of these days. I’m particularly interested to see if I can track down some information on Samuel Baker (convict – arrived ‘England’ 1835), as well as some other bits for other ancestors, which next week, I’ll start to look at so that I have an actual plan and see if I need be order the documents ready for viewing before I go. The last time I visited the records office was in September & October 2009.

I have though been reading some blogs. I have RSS reader on my iPhone and do check what new posts have been made throughout the day.If I have read an interesting one then I copy it over to Evernote and eventually I’ll be able to go back to it, to have a proper read, especially if the post is something I am interested in, such as UK or Ireland research tips or links.

Yesterday, I registered to do the ‘English Parish Records’ via National Institute of Genealogical Studies commencing on the 4th April and it goes for 8 weeks. I’m also registered to do the Social Media for Genealogists, which also starts on the 4th April, which goes for 5 weeks. The social media one is free, though it does have a compulsory book that you need to order for US$18.95.

I’ll let you know what I think of both courses, especially the English Parish Registers one, as I did start the three (3) week course that was recently run by Pharos Tutors on ‘All About Parish Registers’. I’ll leave my thoughts on that until later when I compare the two courses.

I also have received a reply finally from the Suffolk Records Office on buying the microfiche for Boxford & Bures St Mary for my One Place Studies. I would still like to transcribe the parish registers,but I still need to obtain permission to publish the data to my Boxford Suffolk OPS which I’m yet to do. I also need to track down a cheap microfiche reader, as I’d rather be at home transcribing instead of having to go to the library. It would be easier at home also, as then I can transcribe directly from the fiche to the PC. So for now, I’ll be concentrating on the census records for both parishes and I’ll look at purchasing the registers at a later date. For anyone interested, there is also a One Place Studies Index which came live late last year and is regularly being updated, One Place Studies Index

Thats it for now..

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  1. Thank goodness your post has reappeared! I tried to find it from link in my RSS feed last night and it had disappeared.
    Good luck with your trip to State Records where the staff are incredibly helpful.
    Look forward to hearing news of your visit.

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