My Family History weekly update 1

This week I did the following: 

  1. Now that the NSW Birth Death and Marriages have released an extra year on their online indexes, I ordered a transcription of the my maternal grandmother’s death certificate, who passed away in 1980
  2. I recorded events into my Legacy database for all family members who were in WW1 and recorded the appropriate sources. I have now filed these documents into a folder.
  3. Created a task list in Excel of the research I need to undertake. A copy of this is now located on this blog at Current Research.
  4. Made a couple of posts over at Rootschat, looking for help on a couple of ancestors. I ended up in contact with a family connection for my King & Baker lines. 
  5. The registrations for the Certificate Course for 2011 run by the Society of Australian Genealogists is now open for financial members. Last week I said that I wanted to do this, either in 2011 or 2012.  At this stage, it looks like I will be looking to do this in 2012, as I am currently not a financial member of SAG, though I used to be many years ago. I let my membership lapse, as I never had the time to visit the library, considering I work full time and I live over an hour away via public transport and the only time I would get to the library is Saturday afternoons, which at present is not a viable option. The current cost to join is $70 (Yearly membership) + $20 joining fee, which is fine, except that this would only last 6 months and then I would need to pay another $70 in July for the next 12 months. So I’ll be looking to join the society again in the second of of this year.  I can see that membership would have it’s benefits, in particular “Access to millions of parish registers and other sources microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah”, especially in light of the fact that I am currently undertaking a one place study on Boxford, Suffolk but right now, I can’t see myself visiting the library the first half of this year.
  6. Spent some time on IHR Family History Resource  looking at the various documents, such as the 1870-1871 NSW Electoral Rolls & the 1878-1879 NSW Electoral Rolls, looking for references to my ancestors William Baker & George  King. I note that the IHR site costs $40 per year to access the documents.

Next week I will be:

  1. As suggested by Shelley over at Twigs of Lore, I’ll start to plan on what I will write about on the Australia day blog.
  2. Follow up on replies received on Rootschat posts and work on suggestions made.
  3. With any luck my new photo album that I purchased from Gould Genealogy will arrive and I’ll start to put some of my photos together. Actually thought it would have arrived yesterday, so that I could work on it this weekend but unfortunately it did not.
  4. Update some of the pages and information on my family tree website.
  5. Continue to work on my King & Baker lines.


  1. What a great start ot the year. I admire anyonw who is organised as I am so haphazard.

    • I have to be organised if I want to get all that I need to do done. In that past, I would start on a line of research or task and not finish it. I can get very sidetracked. I received copies of the precongintion papers of the trial of my ancestor Dennis McCormack (Tried in Grenock Scotland) back in December 2009 and I still haven’t finished transcribing them.

  2. Well Done! You are seriously organised and committed. I’m impressed.

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