10 things I can’t live without

Following the discussion on Genealogy Leftovers and 10 things I can’t live without, the below is my list of 10 things related to Genealogy I couldn’t live without.

1.      My Entire book & software collection – all Genealogy, Family History & Australian History related – https://baker1865.wordpress.com/resources/

2.      Legacy Family Tree – Deluxe Edition  – it has all of my research and data

3.      NSW State Records office:  both at Kingswood and the online indexes

4.      My PC: It’s the first thing I turn on every day. Will also include my External Hard drives here as they both have backups of all of my data.

5.      The Internet:  Without it, I wouldn’t be able to do some of my overseas research, especially on my Irish Connections and whilst on the subject of the ‘internet’, these are my top 3 sites that I use for my English & Irish research:

6.      Genealogy Blogs:  I love the idea of blogging and am enjoying reading other people’s blogs.

7.      My Netbook:  I use this to take with me to the library or State Records, so that I can review information and record anything I find.

8.      Every one of my birth, death and marriage certificates I have obtained over the years which has helped (or hindered) my research.

9.      Trove – one search – a wealth of information – especially the Australian Newspapers 1803-1954 section.  It’s been great finding different newspaper articles on my ancestors.

10.  My Job – cause without it, I wouldn’t be able to fund all of my research…(though I wouldn’t mind not having it)…

What are your 10 things genealogy related that you can’t live without?

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  1. Thanks for alerting me to this meme. I have made an Aussie contribution at http://geniaus.blogspot.com/2010/07/10-things-i-cant-live-without-to.html

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