Irish Family History Foundation – new website design

I read with interest the post written by Chris at Scottish GENES (GEnealogy News and EventS) today of the changes at Irish Family History Foundation, especially the pilot search function.

I have also thought in the past that it was at times impossible to find the correct entry and not sure whether paying 5euros for a record was worth it. It has been a hit or miss affair.

Today I logged into the new database and did a search for the baptism of my GG grandmother, Mary Quirk (parents John & Catherine) who was born around 1832. I know that they were from Kilkenny so I was able to narrow down the search. Previously without having to input the name of the father, I got 6 possible matches between 1830 & 1835.  Today I was able to add Mary’s father’s name and it gave me two options, one of which I had already viewed a couple of months ago (which was wrong).  So I decided to take the plunge and hey, I have Mary’s baptism record.  I already knew her mother’s maiden name was Slattery, as Catherine came out to Australian in 1857.

Name: Mary Quirk Date of Baptism/Birth: 12-Aug-1832
Address: Johns Well Parish/District: ST. JOHN’S
Gender: Female County Co. Kilkenny
    Denomination: Roman Catholic
Father: John Quirk Mother: Catherine Slattery
Sponsor 1 /
Informant 1:
William Quirk Sponsor 2 /
Informant 2:
Mary Quirk

It’s interesting to see that both informants’ names were ‘Quirk’s’. I’m guessing that William was one of John’s brothers, as his parents had a total of 12 children (10 males and 2 females, of which I only know the names of 4 of the males) whereas the second informant, Mary, could have been the wife of one of John’s brothers, or possibly the sister of John.

My next look will be to see if I can find the death record for John Quirk, as all I know is that he died sometime prior to 1850 (or thereabouts) – John died as a result of an accident after being crushed between a vehicle and a gate. Unfortunately a quick look at the index only brings up one death for a John Quirk but this was in Meath in 1846. I cannot be certain of exactly when John died or if in fact he died in Kilkenny.

If the cost to view the records on the IHF were even ½ the price they are, I’d probably spend a little bit more looking for my Quirk ancestors, but at the moment, it’s still debateable whether I’d pick the right one when I complete search.

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