This weeks Research – 17th July

The below are the online databases or websites that I have looked at today and the corresponding information I have found for my ancestors.

Family History South Australia

  • HURST Frederick John arrived 1848-12-05 on Hooghly from London 1848-08-24 v Plymouth
  • HURST John married DOHERTY Eliza on 1850-02-20
  • HARRIS George Peter, adult, married FISHER Caroline, adult, on 1854-11-14 at Wesleyan Chapel, North Adelaide
  • HURST Frederick John arrived 1848-12-05 on Hooghly from London 1848-08-24 v Plymouth [Source:6,8,20].  I note that the Hooghly is not listed on the ‘The Ships List’ site.
  • FreeBMD (UK)
    • Harris George Peter – Age 51 Lewisham  (Kent) 1d 602
  • Adelaide Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858-1889) Saturday 7 March 1874

In the Matter of the ESTATE of GEORGE PETER HARRIS, formerly of Adelaide, in the province of South Australia, but late of Shooters Hill, in the county of Kent, in England, Ironmonger, Deceased. Notice is herby given in pursuance of clause No 24 of Act No.6 of 1860 or of any other Act relating there to that the CREDITORS of the above named George Peter Harris, who died on or about the 26th Day of November, 1873 at Shooters’ Hill aforementioned are, on or before the 30th November 1874 to SEND by post, prepaid to the Undersigned the Solicitors of the executors’ of the will of the Said George Peter Harris, deceased their Christian and Surnames, addresses and descriptions, the full PARTICULARS of the claims, a statement of their accounts, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them or in default thereof, they will be peremptorily exclude from the benefit of enforcing their claims against the estate of the said George Peter Harris, deceased which is now in course of the administrators of the said Executors.

Dated this 25th Day of February 1874.


Wayrouth Street Adelaide

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