General: My Pile of ‘research’.

I received an email from a distant cousin who found my website after doing a search for one of their uncles.  They wanted to know if I wanted some additional information on that part of the family.  I thought to myself, I’ve already got the details of the children of the couple but when I checked by Legacy database, I found that I didn’t.  I still thought I did have the information that I received from another connection to that family so last night I went through my pile of paper (notes, printed documents, things to do, filing) and I discovered two things:  Yes, I did have the information though all I have is the list of names (no birth, marriage or death dates).  The other thing I discovered when going through my pile was that there were things that I had searched previously on, and I have either handwritten or printed out information and placed in the to do tray but never done anything with it.  Whilst going through it I realised I have duplicated my recent research.  For example, I found some printed UK census records from FindMyPast (print date is 2003….!) and I thought I’ve just done that the other week.
When it comes to my Birth Death Marriage certificates that I have collected, my filing, storing and recording of the sources of that is fine, My problem really lies in the other stuff that I find, that is either connected or not connected.  In some cases, I’m recording things and in other cases, I’m not but in all it just sits there in the pile to look at again oneday.

So what I need to do is to record my research, file into my folders and update my Legacy database as I find something and not leave it for another day.  What I tend to do though is do a help of research and I tell my self that I’ll update the database later.  Doesn’t always happen that way.  I get side tracked into something else.  I love the research bit.  I can sit here all day trolling the internet, looking at sites, such as FindMyPast and be happy that I’ve discovered something.  It’s the updating of the database and filing all that other research I’m a little bit behind in.

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