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In my post on the 7th January, I let you know that I had found the marriage of my ancestors Samuel Baldwin and Mary Warren at Polstead, Suffolk in 1804.

With this new found information I contacted my ‘cousin’ and let him know what I found. The finding of the marriage proved our connection. I am descended through Samuel and Mary’s first son, John Baldwin (b1804) and my cousin is descended through another son, Thomas Baldwin, born 1815. He was able to obtain the original copy of the marriage and one of the witness was a Samuel Warren, which I would think is probably Mary’s father.

I am yet to find any other children born to Samuel & Mary between 1804 and 1812 but they did have another 3 children.  The children we know are below and were all born and baptised in St Marys’ Bures, Suffolk,

  • John (1804-1871)
  • Samuel (1813-1816
  • Thomas (1815-1851)
  • Robert (1817-1892)
  • George (1826-1905)

From looking at the Cosford Database, Ancestry and Family Search, everything points to Mary Warren’s parents being Samuel Warren and Ann How. They were married on the 30th November 1779 at Polstead. Though in saying this, it’s possible “How” may not be her maiden name, as the marriage is listed twice, with Ann’s surname also being Townes.

Samuel Warren and Ann How

  • Ann Warren 1780:
  • Mary Warren 1783 -1842: married Samuel  Baldwin in 1804
  • Samuel Warren 1785 – 1845: married Ann Hyham in 1819
  • Susan Warren 1789: married William Elmer in 1819
  • Hannah Warren 1791:
  • Elizabeth Warren 1793 – 1872: married John Green in 1818
  • James Warren 1794:
  • John Warren 1797:
  • Edward Warren 1798 – 1884: married Maria Lambert in 1820 and married Charlotte Rice in 1846.

One tree on Ancestry has posted a photo of a house with the description ‘ Samuel Warren and Ann How’s house’. There is no other description or comments for the photo. Others have copied the photo over to their tree but I am reluctant to do this without further proof confirming that this was the house they had lived in. I’ve sent a message to the person who originally posted the photo and have asked them to let me know where the house is and the name of it. I’m thinking that it’s more than likely that it is in Polstead, considering that’s where they spent their live. But as yet, I haven’t heard from them.

Samuel’s age was listed as being 85 in the UK Census 1841 which would make his birth year to be 1756. But on his death, his age is listed as being 87, which would mean he was born in 1758.

On Family Search there are 3 possibilities for who his parents were:

  • Samuel Warren – born 20 Nov 1756 Suffolk,​England to William and Mary Warren
  • Samuel Warren – christened 15 Feb 1758 Suffolk, to Nathanael Warren, and Sarah Warren
  • Samuel Warren – christened 23 Apr 1758 Layham,​Suffolk,​to Samuel and Elizabeth Warren.

I note that there are some trees on Ancestry that have William & Mary as Samuel’s parents but I’d rather wait to see if I can find further prove before saying for sure that they were his parents.

There appears to have been some tragedy that occurred during March of 1842 in Polstead, because at least 3 members of Warren family died in early March.

Samuel Warren born 1758 – died March 1845. Buried 8 March 1845 at St Mary’s Polstead

Samuel Warren born 1785 – died March 1845. Buried 11 March 1845 at St Mary’s Polstead

Ann Warren (born 1820) married William Munson in 1841 – died March 1845. Buried 7 March 1845 at St Mary’s Polstead, note I’m not sure of who Ann’s parents were. The Cosford database has two Ann Warren’s born in 1820/1821. Maybe they are the one and the same? I would have to obtain the marriage certificate for Ann & William to see the name of Ann’s father.

My Paternal grandfather Frederick George Richer was born to Thomas Richer and Matilda Emma Scutcher in 1883 at Walthamstow Essex.

This post will concentrate on the Scutcher family. The surname of Scutcher has many spellings, consisting of:

  • Scutcher,
  • Scotcher
  • Chutche
  • Chutchee
  • Scutche
  • Scutchey
  • Cutcher
  • Sutcher
  • Scutchy

Matilda Emma Scutcher was born in 1842 Tendring, Great Bentley, Essex.  Her parents were:  Francis Scutcher and Mary Pretty.

Francis and Mary were married at Great Bentley Essex on the 21 July 1818. Francis’s surname on the English Marriages 1538-1973 located on Family Search shows it as being Scutche.

Francis and Mary had 11 children:I note here that all of the christening information on Family Search are shown as Scutche and Scutchey

  • MaryAnn             Born 1818
  • Sarah                  Born 1821
  • John Francis        Born 1824
  • Eliza                   Born 1826
  • Elizabeth             Born 1829 – Died 1836
  • William                Born 1832 – Died 1854
  • Susanna              Born 1834
  • Hannah                Born 1839
  • Matilda Emma      Born 1842 – Died 1925
  • Francis                Born 1844

Trying to find the family on the UK census has been difficult as the as the surnames have been transcribed incorrectly. For instance the 1841 census shows the family as:

  • Francis Scuther    48
  • Mary Souther      40
  • William Souther   9
  • Susanna Souther  5
  • James Souther      4
  • Hannah Souther  2

From looking at the image, it clearly shows the name as Scutcher. On the 1851 Census they are indexed as Scotcher and again the image clearly (me anyway) showing Scutcher.

  • Francis Scotcher   60
  • Mary Scotcher      50
  • James Scotcher     14
  • Hannah Scotcher  12
  • Matilda Scotcher    9
  • Francis Scotcher     7
  • James Scutcher     96

Moving on, Francis’s parents were James and Susan Scutcher.  I have not as yet been able to find their marriage or what Susan’s maiden name was, but she was born about 1759 and died in 1820 and is buried at the St Mary the Virgin Church at Great Bentley Essex (source: National Burial Index Third Edition

James born about 1755 and a number of trees on ancestry have his father’s name as being Ambrose but as yet I haven’t found any evidence of this though in saying this, James & Susan did have a son named Ambrose born in 1789.

James and Susan had 7 children:

  • Susan             Born 1783
  • James             Born 1785
  • Ambrose         Born 1789
  • Francis           Born 1790 – 1869
  • Elizabeth         Born 1793
  • Anne               Born 1795
  • Mary               Born 1797

James Scutcher died in 1851 and is buried at the St Mary the Virgin Church at Great Bentley Essex (source: National Burial Index Third Edition).

My paternal GG grandfather was George Honey Harris.

  • He was born in 1844 at Guernsey, Channel Islands United Kingdom and died in 1932 at Encounter Bay South Australia.
  • His middle name was also spelt ‘Honney’ in some records.
  • His parents were: Pierre George Harris (1805-1877) and Adelina Bienvenu (1813-1877).
  • George arrived in South Australia with his parents after 1851

The following notice appears in the The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858-1889)  Thursday 18 April 1878 for the marrige between George Harris and Rose Ann Hurst

“HARRIS—HURST.—On the 3rd April, at Truro, by Rey. W. H. Newbould, George Honey Harris, Station Manager Overland Corner, to Rose Ann, second daughter of Mr. John Hurst, of Truro”.

Overland Corner, is 16 km from Barmera on the Morgan Road and was a convenient watering place and camp site for the overlanders and drovers operating between New South Wales and the colony based on Adelaide in the early years of the 1800s. It was also the stopping place for paddle steamers and coach passengers on the Adelaide to Wentworth route.

On the South Australian Genealogy & Heraldy cemetery index, I have found a record for a death of a George Honey Harris in 1932. The SA BDM index has his date of death as the 27th April 1932 at Encounter Bay SA.

RoseAnn Harris nee Hurst died at Morgan South Australian on the 27th September 1890.

They had the following children that I am aware of:

  • Daisy Edith Harris (born 1879-1932) – my Great Grandmother – who married Richard Mitchell
  • George Herbert Hurst Harris (born 1881 ANG:265/369 )
  • George Harry Webster Harris (born 1885 ang:351/371)
  • Charles Howard Churchward Harris (born 1886 – died 1969)
  • Violet Harris (born 1890 – Died 1891)

The name comes from the Gaelic “O’Cuirc”, another form is “O’Coirce”. In Galway, the name also took the form “Oates,” to distinguish between branches of families. Quirke in Gaelic sounds like the word for Oates in Gaelic. It was common for parish registers to have a person’s records include both spellings of Quirke and Quirk, if an unrelated person such as a neighbour was sent to register the birth, the name was not always spelled correctly.

James and Alice Quirke were married around 1796 at Tipperary, Ireland and soon after moved to Mount Nugent, St Johns Well, Kilkenny Ireland. Their children were:

Peter Quirke – (1798-1863)

John Quirke – (1814-c 1850)

Thomas Quirke (1821-1866)

Nicholas Quirke (details unknown)

They also had another 6 males and 2 females, of which details of their names are unknown . A few years ago, a distant cousin that I was in contact with, sent me a copy of a document that was written by Thomas Quirke (b:1834-d:1908) In this document Thomas writes about his life and experiences but the most interesting thing was that he wrote about his parents and grandparents.

Who were the Quirke’s who came to Australia

Many of the Quirke Family came out to Australia between 1849 & 1865. Of which my GGG Grandmother, Mary Quirk was one, who had arrived on the ship Athenian in 1853.

First Name Birth Date Native Place Ship Name Arrival Date Reel Numbers Comments
Margaret Quirk Abt 1828 Goran, St Johnswell, Kilkenny, Ireland Victoria 2nd Sep 1849 Reel 2136, Reel 2460, [4/4915] Sister to James
James Quirk Abt 1824 Goran, St Johnswell, Kilkenny, Ireland Victoria 2nd Sep 1849 Brother to Margaret
Peter Quirk Abt 1798 St Johnswell, Kilkenny, Ireland Neptune 6 Feb 1852 Reel 2136; Reel 2463, [4/4926] Father to Margaret & James above
Mary Quirk Abt 1814 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Neptune 6 Feb 1852 Wife of Peter Quirke, maiden name Connon
Michael Quirk Abt 1832 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Neptune 6 Feb 1852
John Quirk Abt 1835 Kilkenny, Ireland Neptune 6 Feb 1852
Mary Quik Abt 1849 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Neptune 8 Feb 1852
Nicholas Quirk Abt 1839 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Neptune 8 Feb 1852
Thomas Quirk Abt 1834 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Neptune 8 Feb 1852
Peter Quirk Abt 1842 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Neptune 8 Feb 1852
Mary Quirk Abt 1831 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Athenian 15 Dec 1853 An Uncle Peter Quirk living in Sydney
Patrick Quirk Abt 1835 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland David McIver 18 Dec 1854 Reel 2137; Reel 2466, [4/4937] Sister Mary living in Sydney
Catherine Quirk Abt 1811 Tipperary, Ireland Matoaka 22 Jan 1857 Reel 2138; Reel 2476, [4/4970] Mother of Mary Quirke & Patrick, maiden name Slattery
Margaret Quirk Abt 1840 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Matoaka 22 Jan 1857
Catherine Quirk Abt 1842 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Matoaka 22 Jan 1857
Thomas Quirk Abt 1821 St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Nile 4 May 1861 Reel 2139, [4/4796] Brother to Peter Quirk
Mary Quirk Abt 1846 Lancaster, Lancashire, England Nile 4 May 1861
Johanna Quirk St Johns Well, Kilkenny, Ireland Nile 4 May 1861 Mother of Mary Quirke & Wife of Thomas Quirke

A searchable index of the NSW Assistant Immigrants is available on the NSW State Records website.  You can also scroll through the digital copies of the Bounty Immigrants lists, 1838-96, ship by ship. These digital copies are the Agents Lists and the reels numbers range between 2134 & 2137. More detailed shipping lists can be found on the reels that begin with 24 and these can be found at your local library or at the NSW State Records.  These show more detail such as names of parents and comments such as ‘Uncle Peter Quirk, living in Sydney’.

1847 – 1864 Griffith’s Valuation

James Quirke acted as a landlord for a man named Millet at Mount Nugent. After James died his son John was appointed Agent for the landlord and held the position until he was accidentally killed by being crushed between a gate post and a vehicle.

County: Kilkenny

Parish: Rathcoole

Lessor: James Millet

Townland: MountNugent – Lower

Nicholas Quirle – Land. – Total net value of Land : £3.

Peter Quirke – House, Office & Land. – Total net value of Land/Buildings: £18.5

William Quirke – House, Office & Land. – Total net value of Land/Buildings: £13.10

Townland: MountNugent – Upper

Nicholas Quirke – Land. – Total net value of Land : £4

Catherine Quirke – House, Office & Land. – Total net value of Land/Buildings: £3.5 – cannot be sure, but I think this Catherine is possibly the wife of John Quirke (who died prior to 1850).

Nicholas Quirke – House, Office &Land. – Total net value of Land : £21